Today, there will be more than 153,000 abortions worldwide. That is more than 56 million abortions this year.


Of that 56 million, North America is responsible for about 1.2 million. That means 98% of all abortions take place outside North America.


Yet, the majority of pro-life knowledge and ministry exists today inside North America.


This leaves the majority world vulnerable to the lies of abortion and in desperate need of the healing that can only be found in Jesus.    


Mobilizing the global church to share Christ through life-affirming ministry.



To see lives saved, women and men healed, local churches strengthened, and people transformed by Jesus.



- Crisis pregnancy*

- Post-abortive healing

- Adoption & Fostering

- Orphan Care


*We promote the biblical understanding of sex as designed by God to be between one man-one woman in covenant marriage for life. We promote abstinence before marriage and we do not promote contraception to those not currently married.  




Outside North America, most Christians today do not have a firm grasp of what the Bible teaches about the sanctity of human life.


The sanctity of human life is one of the clearest teachings found in the Bible.


One cannot fully understand the gospel without understanding this most basic doctrine. The gospel and the sanctity of human life cannot be separated. They are two parts of a whole. Just as you cannot separate the doctrine of sin from the gospel.


We are seeking to educate & train pastors and church members in the Biblical understanding of life.


We also seek to inspire & equip both churches & individuals to create their own life-affirming ministries to make an impact for the gospel and lives in their own local communities. 


These two values affirm our desire to both bring clarity in knowledge as well as impact in ministry.  We believe this is the modal that Jesus gave us during his time on earth.   


  • Every person is created in the image of God (imago dei). Because of this imago dei creation, every life is intrinsically valuable. 

  • No life is more or less valuable in God's eyes.

  • Life begins at conception and continues until natural death.

  • All life is to be protected. 

  • A person's intrinsic value is based solely on the imago dei and not found in any other personal variable.


These personal variables include but are not limited to;



Level of development


Degree of dependency



Material wealth




Societal contribution or burden




*We believe every person is in need of salvation through Jesus alone but those who have not or

may never follow Jesus are not to be killed, harmed, or dismissed by man.

God promises a final judgment for all and we trust him. 



We believe every person is loved by God, created in His image & in need of a personal relationship with Jesus. We also believe; 


  1. In the plenary and verbal inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible as originally given; that it is the only infallible Word of God, and the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct;

  2. That there is only one true God, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

  3. In Jesus Christ, God the Son, the world’s only Savior: in His pre-incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, vicarious death, burial, bodily resurrection, and in His personal, visible return to earth.

  4. In God the Holy Spirit, who convicts the world of sin, regenerates, indwells, and empowers the believer;

  5. That all people are created in the image of God and therefore all life is sacred.

  6. That life begins at conception;

  7. That all people are sinful and lost and can be saved only by grace through faith in the shed blood of Christ;

  8. In the resurrection of the dead, the believer to life everlasting, and the unbeliever to eternal condemnation;

  9. That the church is the body of Jesus Christ, for which He will return, consisting of all who have accepted the redemption provided by Him;

  10. That the presence of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in the believer will result in the life of holiness and a walk of obedience to the will of God.




Glorifying God




Servant Leadership

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