More than 1.3 billion

China is a nation on the rise.  Beijing as its capital and Shanghai as its largest city.  The nation is communist based with a quasi free-market economy.  


105 million Christians

The church in China has been multiplying at a fast pace.  Some observers predict that China will be the largest Christian nation in the world by 2030.  

Life Issues

23 million abortions/year

In China the government is the main institution of abortion.  Based on Communist ideas it has systematically oppressed women of child bearing age through, fines, forced sterilization, & forced abortions.  It actively advertises abortions in public places like billboards and on city buses.  

One-Child Policy

China's one child policy began in 1979 as a form of population control.  The one-child policy began being phased out in 2015 in favor of a two-child policy.  This policy has led to millions of abortions over the decades.  

Female Infanticide

China's strict one-child policy has led to female infanticide.   China has a built in cultural preference for boys.  Boys are preferred in order to carry on the family name and to provide income for the family.  Because of this many Chinese abort their children when they discover that it is a girl.   

Abortion Pill

In addition to the 13 million surgical abortions performed each year in China there are also nearly 10 million abortion pills distributed.  The practice of abortion by pill in China began in the late 1980's.   

* Life For All International does not currently operate in China.