We minister in the pro-life areas of:


- Crisis pregnancy*

- Post-abortion healing & after care

- Adoption

- Fostering & orphan care


*We promote the biblical understanding of sex as designed by God to be between one man-one woman in covenant marriage for life. 

We promote abstinence before marriage and we do not promote contraception to those not currently married.  





Today, around the world many Christians struggle with what the Bible teaches about the sanctity of human life. The sanctity of human life is one of the clearest teachings found in the Bible.

One cannot fully understand the gospel without understanding this most basic doctrine. The gospel and the sanctity of human life cannot be separated. They are two parts of a whole. Just as you cannot separate the doctrine of sin from the gospel.

We are seeking to educate & train pastors and church members in the Biblical understanding of life.

We also seek to inspire & equip both churches & individuals to start new ministries. Making an impact for the gospel and lives in their own local communities. 

These two values affirm our desire to both bring clarity in knowledge as well as impact in ministry.  We believe this is the modal that Jesus gave us during his time on earth.