7 million

Serbia is located in the Balkans region of Southeastern Europe.  It was formerly a part of the now non-existent Yugoslavia.  Belgrade is it's capital and largest city.  


45,000 Evangelicals

Previously as a part of Yugoslavia, Serbia was a Communist country.  Today, Serbia has returned to its roots as an Eastern Orthodox country.  Evangelicals make up a very small portion of the total population.  The official number of evangelicals is 45,000 but the real number is probably much smaller.   

Life Issues

150,000 abortions/year

It is estimated that there are approximately 150,000 abortions performed each year in Serbia.  

Birth Control

In Serbia more abortions take place among married women than single.  This is because it is often used as a method of birth control rather than using contraceptives or family planning methods.  

Population Decline

Serbia currently has a negative -0.22% grow rate due to the high abortion rate leading the country into population decline.  

Pregnancy Resource

Biblical, Life-affirming ministry began in 2004 in Serbia.  Currently there are pregnancy resources available in the three largest cities but this is just a small fraction of the need.